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The evolution of artwork created by hand as well as digital processes through multiple media, designed for specific peron(s) at a particular moment & place.
In essence..... CUSTOM

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Custom Airbrush Artwork, Design services, Commissioned Illustration located in Southern New Hampshire (but available everywhere).

The evolution of Handigitous

It can be hard to pinpoint the inspiration of an artist. To me its life’s experiences, and the viewpoint in which one chooses to take.

Mine is a journey of Car and Air Shows, of visiting many of the historic cities and sites that make up this great country, of living in New Zealand, of a Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture and of the daily work in design, illustration and custom painting in the greater Boston and New England area. I’m inspired by many things. The juxtaposition of automotive art, botanical drawings, design, and architectural rendering all have their place.

Childhood notebook doodles have been refined and still present ideas, within their design. Conceptual sketches have turned into physical built forms. Custom airbrushing has morphed into custom painting and fine art styles. Whether on framed wall pieces, or on vehicles of all sorts and their accessories, passion for creating has turned into a form of self expression and identity. In a digital era traditional pen/ink illustration and hand painted lettering, striping/gilding, are rare. There is a inherent quality in work created by hand. What you see in the following examples represents my journey thus far, which is just the beginning.

NEW! Spring 2011 - Golden Original Custom Clothing

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